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Hannah Starkey Commission

Hannah Starkey is the focus of our major exhibition in autumn/winter 2022/23. This includes a specially commissioned new body of work taken in Wakefield in 2022.

Wakefield Commission

Starkey, who has collaborated with women throughout her career to create large-scale choreographed photographs, has a deep interest with how women are represented in contemporary culture. In preparation for the exhibition, Starkey visited Wakefield many times over the last few years, working with women in the region to develop new directions in her photography and extend the collaborative approach she takes with the subjects in her work.

Out of these visits, concepts for images for the Wakefield commission were realised. Starkey worked closely with female students from Wakefield’s CAPA College – a flagship performing arts institution providing opportunities for young people in the region – to produce four major new works taken in locations across in Wakefield.

‘Working on this project was so rewarding. We collaborated with an amazing photographer, Hannah Starkey, in a supportive, empowering and welcoming environment. I loved working with Hannah! She has such a refreshing outlook on art, feminism and photography and she made us all so proud of our individuality.’ CAPA College student

‘It was such a privilege to be part of this project with Hannah Starkey. It was fascinating to see how she makes images come to life and learn about scenario, lighting, composition and colour. She taught me a different perspective on art and that photography is an illusion – each viewer creates a different story from what they perceive’ CAPA College student

Reframing, Reclaiming

The Hepworth Wakefield and Hannah Starkey have selected a group of early-career female and non-binary photographers, born or based in Yorkshire, to take part in a professional development programme and exhibition, Reframing, Reclaiming, at The Art House, Wakefield. The artists taking part are: Sally Barton, Joanne Coates, Amy D’Agorne, Níamh Donnelly, H.Feather, Caitlin Hall and Emily Ryalls.

In a timely exhibition confronting and representing a modern existence, the artists explore themes of class and labour, body and identity politics. Through their individual perspectives and lenses, the seven artists utilise the camera to share thoughts and common understandings. Photographically, the works presented engage in a number of conversations, including a much wider dialogue on the importance of creating stages for female and non binary practitioners.

Reframing, Reclaiming will be in the Tiled Gallery at The Art House from October 2022 to January 2023, to coincide with Hannah Starkey’s exhibition at The Hepworth Wakefield.

Reframing, Reclaiming: Meet the photographers