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The Art of the Perfect Cup of Coffee

29 Apr 2022

Earlier this week, The Hepworth Wakefield's café team - led by our Catering Manager, Carl Fleischer - visited Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London for a tour of the roastery and training facilities, in order to serve our visitors the best possible coffee.

The team were given an overview of how the coffee gets from the farm to the cup, including an introduction to Square Mile’s sourcing, green buying and roasting processes.

The hands-on part of the day included a cupping (coffee tasting) session, where the team identified specific flavours using the Specialty Coffee Association’s coffee taster’s flavour wheel. The industry standard for over two decades, the flavour wheel has inspired a new and consistent way for industry professionals to be able to describe how coffee smells and tastes. This was followed by an introduction into latte art using steamed milk and how to dial in espresso – the process of making espresso taste as delicious as possible, using a specific grind setting and brew method for a particular type of coffee-based drink.

A multi-award-winning coffee roasting company, Square Mile Coffee Roasters was founded in 2008. It works with, trains and supports businesses like The Hepworth Wakefield Café wishing to serve mindfully-sourced and skilfully-roasted coffee to the best of their ability. The trip to London was possible with thanks to our travel partner Grand Central.

Square Mile Coffee is served in The Hepworth Wakefield Café, Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm (last orders 4.30pm). We hope to share our new knowledge with you soon!